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APEX Fitness offers class based health and fitness to people from all walks of life. Looking to get in shape? We can help. Serious athlete? Look no further.

We also offer one-on-one and sport specific team training.

Contact for more info.

Getting Started

Step 1: No stress, no commitment, no sweat! Let us tell you about who we are and you tell us about yourself. We will show you what we do, give you a tour around the gym, answer your questions, and make a plan to move forward. Fill out the form below to schedule your Free 1-on-1 Intro.

Step 2: At APEX Fitness, all athletes who are new to Fitness programs begin by working 1-on-1 with a certified Fitness coach. This is called our Fundamentals program. We make a tremendous investment in each of our new athletes to establish a strong foundation and help you accomplish your goals. Everyone that is new to fitness or hasn’t done a fitness program for 6 or more months goes through Fundamentals. 

Step 3: After successfully completing the Fundamentals Course you will have a plan with your coach of going into group classes, personal training, or a hybrid of both. Our class sizes are kept small and we have some of the highest credentialed coaches in the state.

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