We currently have Irish Dance classes being held in our location inside the McDermott Athletic Center in Rio Rancho, NM. You are invited to stop by and or contact us about a free trial class.

You don’t need any prior dance experience. You will learn steps in soft shoe to the music of reels, jigs, slip jigs and single jigs. Most beginner students take class for some time before moving into the basics of hard shoe steps and the advanced class.

Bring: A notebook and recording device to write down the steps you learn and video them to practice at home.

What to wear:
Comfortable shirt and shorts or sweat pants (please make sure the pants don’t extend past the ankle). You can get started in soft sneakers or ballet slippers. Please don’t wear stiff shoes or anything that you wear regularly on the pavement. If you decide Irish dance is for you, you can purchase Irish dance shoes (ghillies) from any one of many vendors.

We invite you to come by the studio to have a look at the classes in progress, but please understand the teachers might not be available to talk to you because they will be teaching.

Our parents and senior dancers are a wonderful information resource (usually there are two or more hanging around in each studio during the weekend classes). If we are unable to stop teaching, please don’t hesitate to ask them anything, and if we are on a break we will be happy to speak with you.

Thanks in advance for your patience and for considering our school for your child.  If you are interested in learning further information, please contact Chris McGrory at christopher.mcgrory@gmail.com or (520) 991-3605 or Kate Padilla at khpadilla2001@yahoo.com or (505) 415-4390.  You can also learn more from our website: http://celticsteps.org/ or our Facebook page:    https://www.facebook.com/celtic.steps/

Thanks for your interest. We hope to see you soon.





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