Driveline Throwing Program

The MAC now offers an Elite Power Throwing and Strength Development program for ages 10-15 years old! Our first session was a great success and all 20 participants saw an increase in velocity from 3-10mph with an average of 6 mph.


We are currently in the middle of a session. If you would like receive notification when the next session is open for registration please fill out the form below.

Details of Program:

The purpose of this program is to train and teach players how to improve as baseball players while increasing their strength and power. We do this by training in a functional manner using proven strength and conditioning techniques along with the use of medicine ball training, heavy ball training, and weight lifting. Participants will learn how to engage the correct muscle groups in the correct sequence which will allow them to generate more power while lowering the risk of injury. Programming is based off of Driveline Hacking and Kinetic Chain and Texas Baseball Ranch Combat Pitcher Program.


Each player that signs up will receive an initial screening test conducted the first session and the last session of training. The initial screening test is used to establish a baseline of each players' level of strength, explosive power, and throwing velocity. This assessment is used by our trainers to establish the correct programming for each player. Every player will be developed utilizing the same type of exercises; however, workloads such as body weight, weight lifting amounts and exercises will be prescribed according to age and physical ability. Participants will be required to meet certain minimums before he or she can progress to higher weights or more advanced exercises. The final test at the end of training will be used to track each players' improvement from participating in the program.


Final assessments will be used to prescribe further programming to help each player continue to improve in strength, explosive power, and throwing velocity. Elite Strength and Conditioning will be offering more advanced programs for youth and high school athletes as they continue through the program.


If you have any questions regarding this program please email





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