Skating Director for the McDermott Athletic Center and United States Figure Skating (USFS) Gold Medalist in Ice Dancing. USFS tests passed: Gold Dance, Silver Freedance, Novice Freeskate, and 5th figure test. Former Regional and Sectional Competitor. Registered rating in Ice Dance with 30 years teaching experience. Professional Skaters Association (PSA) member and USFS CER Coach/Choreographer certificate. Head Coach for the Hooliganettes Synchronized Skating Teams. Teaching levels from beginner to advanced. Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University.

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Rate: $35.00/30 minute lesson

Laurie Bates

  • Double Bronze Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate

  • 18 years of skating experience

  • 14 years of competition experience

  • Professional Skaters Association member

  • United States Figure Skating Association member

  • 5 years of coaching recreational and competitive skaters


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Rate: $25.00/30 minute lesson

Tawney Babcock (Wiltsie)

Kyla began teaching in Alaska in 2010 after skating for 12 years. She is passionate about helping students improve their skating skills in a fun, supportive environment.

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Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

Kyla Cook

  • Professional Skaters Association (PSA) member.

  • USFS CER Coach/Choreographer certificate.

  • National Technical Specialist (Italy, until 2017).

  • National Judge of non-qualifying competitions (Italy, until 2017).

  • 2nd lev Coaching certificate in ice, roller and inline skating (Italy).

  • Competed in: Junior National Championships (Italy) and Junior international

  • competitions (Europe).

  • 1999 Novice National Gold Medalist (Italy).

  • Medalist in several Regional, National (Italy) and international competitions

  • (Europe).

  • Coached in a team: Olympic, World, European and ISU international

  • competitors, National and Regional gold medalists (USA, Italy, Switzerland)

  • and inline skating World Gold medalists (USA, Italy).

  • Coach: Freestyle and off-ice. Competitive beginner to Olympic level skaters.


Contact info:

Rate: $50.00/30 minute lesson

Silvia D’Avola

Odetha Hill is a current member of Professional Skaters Association (PSA), US Figure Skating and holds a Level II ranking for hockey through PSA. She teaches basic skills through Pre-Juvenile, hockey and power skating. Odetha can give 30 minute or hour lessons. 

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Rate: $24.00/30 minute lesson

Odetha Hill

In my 30 years of skating, I have gained experience in figure skating, power skating, and hockey. Over the last 15 years, I have also enjoyed teaching these disciplines to kids from 3-80 years old. I offer my students a fun, affordable lesson while striving to establish and perfect the fundamentals of the sport. Will teach 30 minute or hour lessons.


Contact info:

Rate:$15.00/30 minute


Susan Kugelmann

I am a current Adult Ladies Silver competitive ice skater. Away from the rink I am an elementary teacher with Bachelor degrees in 

Elementary and Special Education. I hold a Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction.

I began my skating career as an adult. I believe that we all take individualized paths to goal achievement. My specialty is coaching basic skill level and beginning free skate level skaters. I can coach beginning adults through pre-bronze.

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Rate: $18.00/30 minute lesson

Lisa Miller

Scot started skating and playing hockey in 1975. Played hockey from squirt level through high school. Joined Air Force in 1993 and served for 20 plus years. Serves as a military training instructor for 4 years. Certified level 3 USA Hockey Coach. Active adult hockey player and hockey referee.

Contact info:

Rate: $20.00/ 1 hour lesson

Scot Morin

  • Born in Guadalajara, Mexico.

  • Trained for competitive Figure Skating in California from 1986 to 1992.

  • Won Mexican figure skating Gold Medal in 1987.

  • Attended SICCED- Mexican school for coaches and trainers in 1994.

  • Currently specializing and training in USFS moves in the field.

  • Tambien Hablo Espanol

Contact Info:

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

George Navarro





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