The MAC Strength Training Philosophy

The MAC trainers provide a high standard and a well-designed sport specific training program based on research and proven methods to get the athlete stronger, faster and more powerful while simultaneously decreasing the risk of injury.

Training Style

Our trainers use a high energy, high focus, “get after it” mentality.


  • Injury prevention/reduction and corrective exercises

  • Gaining strength and speed while maintaining/increasing mobility and stability

  • Teaching technique along with proper body position/posture

Why Sport Specific Training is Different

Every sport require different movements, skills and demands from the athlete’s body. Basketball players may want to increase their vertical or footwork, baseball players might be looking to hit for more power or throw faster. Should they be doing all of the same exercises? No! A football player that wants to put on weight while increasing mobility shouldn’t be on the same workout plan as a hockey player focusing on increasing his/her speed on the ice.

Our trainers will get you and your body ready for your sport. You don’t come to The MAC to get ready for beach season. You come to The MAC to get ready for your season. We will improve your performance by using research based evidence to help translate from the weight room to the field.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


Individual Training Sessions

  • 1 One-Hour Individual Session: $55 + tax

Training Packages - 10% discount for MAC weight room members

  • 12 One-Hour Individual Sessions: $385 + tax (price good thru August)

  • 12 One-Hour Individual Sessions: $485 + tax (beginning September 1)

It is recommended that athletes attend 2-3 sessions per week for best results.

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