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My name is Danny Apodaca and I am from Rio Rancho, NM. I played baseball and basketball at Rio Rancho and at Cleveland High Schools, graduating in 2011. After graduating I attended New Mexico State University where I studied and received my degree in Kinesiology in 2015. I am CPR/AED certified as well as proficient with the Functional Movement Screening (FMS).


After completing my degree I interned with the Sports Performance Department at New Mexico State University where I worked with the football team, baseball team and basketball team. During my time working at NMSU I had the privilege of working with many talented athletes including:


•   Pascal Siakm: Toronto Raptors (NBA)

•   Daniel Johnson: Washington Nationals (MLB)

•   Joe Galindo: San Diego Padres (MLB)

•   Tyler Erwin: Baltimore Orioles (MLB)


My experiences at NMSU also taught me how to be an effective and efficient strength coach. In addition I was also able to gain experience with all 17 varsity sports teams in the weight room and on the practice field. Some of these sports included track and field, football, volleyball and women’s soccer.


 After leaving Las Cruces I worked at a Physical Therapy clinic as a health coach where I rehabbed injured athletes under the supervision of a physical therapist. I gained knowledge regarding injury, injury prevention and various rehab methods to get the athlete back on the field as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Most recently, I had the opportunity to shadow a strength coach for the Seattle Mariners organization. I was able to help implement the strength and conditioning program, as well as perform the FMS screening(s) and interpret the proper corrective exercise for each athlete.


With the mentality of “if I can’t be the athlete, I want to train the athlete” I have always wanted to improve athletic performance on the field with sport specific workouts. I feel The MAC shares this mindset and is the perfect place for myself and athletes of all sports to achieve their goals.


Thank you and God Bless,


Danny Apodaca





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