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Adaptive Skating
FREE Skating lessons for skaters of all abilities


Specially designed classes allow individuals with a range of physical or developmental disabilities to skate.  The Skate United and Special Olympics badge programs are designed to engage these individuals in the sport for recreation, activity and enjoyment.

What's different about adaptive skating:

  1. Skaters and parents will fill out a questionnaire detailing what supports they need to make their skating experience a success, and a skating coach will reach out to you to make sure we are ready to accommodate you and make your experience fun 

  2. Smaller class sizes allow for a more individualized approach

  3. The Skate United and Special olympics badge program allows skaters to experience more success for each achievement they accomplish.  


Classes are offered Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm starting on January 7th. Please reach out to to sign for any questions.  

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