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Skating Coaches

Kyla Cook

Skating Director for the McDermott Athletic Center.  Kyla started skating at the McDermott Athletic Center (then known as Blades) when she was 4 years old.  She later moved to Eagle River, Alaska and began coaching professionally in 2012 in Alaska.  Kyla teaches private lessons where she focuses on helping students set and follow through on their personal goals-whether big of small.  Her philosophy is based on helping people develop a life-long love of exercise and creative expression.  Kyla also coaches the Hooliganettes synchronized skating teams.  She became the skating director of the McDermott Athletic Center in 2022.  Outside of skating, Kyla is a graduate student in speech language pathology at UMN.

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson


Abbey Drobilk

My name is Abbey Drobik and I have been skating in New Mexico for 11 years. I have coached Learn To Skate classes for the past 3 years. I am a US figure skating gold medalist and am working on my double gold free skate tests. I am currently pursuing an elementary education degree at UNM. I have found that sharing my passion for this sport and helping others realize their love for the sport is one of my favorite things about coaching.

Rate: $20.00/ 30 minute lesson


Mandy Edwards

  • Over 25 years of coaching experience. 

  • Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate

  • 5th Figure and Pre-Silver Dance. 

  • Certified ratings in MIF & Freeskate and a PSA Member. 

  • Coach of Southwest Nine States Champion, Regional, Sectional and Collegiate competitors. 

  • Coaching recreational and competitive skaters.

Rate: $30.00/30 minute lesson

Mandy Edwards.JPG

Megan Edwards

I coach both recreational and competitive skaters, all ages and levels. I'm PSA Master Rated in Moves in the Field, Certified Rated in Freestyle, and Register Rated in Group. I'm also a United States Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Free Skate. I have coached Southwest Nine States Champion, Regional, Sectional, Collegiate competitors, and International Skating Union Adult International Competitors. I'm passionate about skating and loves joining each skater on their incredible skating journey.

Rate: $30.00/ 30 minute lesson

505-463-6440 (texting is best)

Megan Edwards.jpg

Lisa Miller

I am a current Adult Ladies Silver competitive ice skater. Away from the rink I am an elementary teacher with Bachelor degrees in 

Elementary and Special Education. I hold a Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction.

I began my skating career as an adult. I believe that we all take individualized paths to goal achievement. My specialty is coaching basic skill level and beginning free skate level skaters. I can coach beginning adults through pre-bronze.

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

Scot Morin

Scot started skating and playing hockey in 1975. Played hockey from squirt level through high school. Joined Air Force in 1993 and served for 20 plus years. Serves as a military training instructor for 4 years. Certified level 3 USA Hockey Coach. Active adult hockey player and hockey referee.

Rate: $25.00/ 1 hour lesson

scot morin bio_edited.jpg

Jillian Miller

I have been figure skating since October 2012 and volunteering/coaching Learn to Skate lessons since 2017. I have completed my Junior Freeskate and Senior Moves in the Field and am a Gold Medalist. I love working with children and teenagers, but everybody is welcome! My primary goal is to guide the skater to reach their own goals whether that is competing, leveling up, or just having a fun time on the ice.
Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

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