In today's fast-paced world, children juggle more tasks than ever. Learn to Skate USA teaches your kids lessons to sharpen their focus and provide greater balance on and off the ice. As they conquer challenges on their paths to amazing, new worlds well beyond the world of skating will happen right before their eyes. The sheer delight of skating brings about a good number of giggles, laughs and hugs. Learn to Skate USA programs do more than teach ice skating. They build tighter bonds between families and start new friendships that extend outside the rink. The first moment you glide across the ice is the one moment you will never let go. Challenging kids makes them stronger than you can imagine. Learn to Skate USA strives to build your child's confidence every session. They do learn to fall, but more importantly, they learn to get back up! Anything's possible once your kids gain the power they need to do good in the world. Learn to Skate is also not just for children, adventurous adults know desire overcomes age when exploring something fresh and new. Learn to Skate USA recognizes skating as the timeless activity anyone can enjoy, young and young at heart. Our programs encourage adults and give them all the resources they need to stop asking "why?" and start asking "why not?"






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