Learn to Skate

Learn To Skate

Monday Homeschool: 2-28 thru 4-18
Wednesdays: 3-2 thru 4-20
Saturdays : 3-5 thru 4-23

The MAC will be taking the ice surface down temporarily in May thru Mid-June for ice maintenance and compressor replacement.  The rink will reopen mid-summer for Learn to Skate and Freestyle sessions.  Please check this website for updates on opening dates.

The paypal payment receipt will serve as confirmation of your registration.  On the first day of class please arrive 20 to 30 minutes early in order to check in and get your rental skates. 
If you are registering for SnowPlow or Basic one classes, it is recommended to bring a bicycle helmet to wear while skating.  A jacket and gloves are highly recommended as well.  All classes consist of 1/2 hour skills class and 1/2 practice ice time. 
If you are registering for Hockey one classes, please bring a hockey helmet.  If you do not have one, one can be provided to you.  Sticks and pucks will be provided during class.
If you need additional  information, please contact Evelyn Cook, Skating Director at evelynkcook.ak@gmail.com


Classes not meeting size requirements may be cancelled or combined.

In today's fast-paced world, children juggle more tasks than ever. Learn to Skate USA teaches your kids lessons to sharpen their focus and provide greater balance on and off the ice. As they conquer challenges on their paths to amazing, new worlds well beyond the world of skating will happen right before their eyes. The sheer delight of skating brings about a good number of giggles, laughs and hugs. Learn to Skate USA programs do more than teach ice skating. They build tighter bonds between families and start new friendships that extend outside the rink. The first moment you glide across the ice is the one moment you will never let go. Challenging kids makes them stronger than you can imagine. Learn to Skate USA strives to build your child's confidence every session. They do learn to fall, but more importantly, they learn to get back up! Anything's possible once your kids gain the power they need to do good in the world. Learn to Skate is also not just for children, adventurous adults know desire overcomes age when exploring something fresh and new. Learn to Skate USA recognizes skating as the timeless activity anyone can enjoy, young and young at heart. Our programs encourage adults and give them all the resources they need to stop asking "why?" and start asking "why not?"

Snowplow Sam Classes

This class is for beginning skaters age 4-6. These classes are a great starting point to learn the basics of skating.  Children will advance through levels 1-4 with each level gradually becoming more challenging.

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Basic 1-6 Classes

These classes introduce skaters to the fundamentals of the sport.  These levels cover forward and backward skating, edges, turning and crossovers, as well as fundamental jump and spin Techniques.  Upon completion, skaters advance to our Pre-Freeskate program.

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Pre Freeskate and Freeskate 1-6 Classes

Skaters work on all the necessary skills to prepare themselves for private lessons.  Skaters will be introduced to a variety of jumps, spins and turns.

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Intro to Synchronized Skating Classes

These classes are for skaters who have passed basic 3 or higher. Skaters will learn the basic holds and element formations used in Synchronized Skating. This class is offered as a second class at an discounted rate. Skaters must be enrolled in a regular Learn to Skate Class in order to keep advancing in their skating skills. Upon completion of this class, skaters can become part of the Hooliganettes Synchronized Skating competition teams.

Not Available

Adult 1-4 Classes

These classes promote physical fitness and improved balance and coordination on the ice while learning proper skating technique.

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Hockey 1-4 Classes

These classes are for ages 5 & up.  These classes are for beginner skaters who wish to pursue the sport of hockey. The skaters learn basic hockey skating technique and well as stick and puck practice.

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Synchro Skills Levels

Synchro Skills Level one team.  Not offered this season:
8 - 16 skaters, majority under 9 years old. Teams will perform in ice shows and local competitions. One out of state competition may be possible. Skaters must have passed Basic 3 level in Learn to Skate program and continue to take classes in LTS to improve their skating skills.

Aspire Beginner Team:
8-16 skaters, majority under 12 years old. Teams will perform in ice shows and local competitions as well as one out of state competition in Denver Colorado. Skaters must have passed Basic 3 level in Learn to Skate program and continue to take classes and or private lessons to improve their skating skills.  

Aspire Preliminary Team:
8-16 skaters, majority at least 12 years old. Team will perform in ice shows and local competitions as well as one out of state competition in Denver Colorado. Skaters must have passed Basic 4 level , Basic 5/6 level is preferred. Skaters must continue to take LTS classes or be in private lessons to improved skating skills.

Registration Closed