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i9 Sports

Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer

In our kids sports leagues, no child will ever be excluded by a try-out, ride the bench for an entire game, or be cut from a team. Yes we keep score, but we have created a fun way to help kids develop athletic ability, a love of team sports, and an understanding that how you play the game is as important as the score. We don’t just help kids become better athletes, we help them become better people.

  • Age-appropriate instruction with a focus on fun and healthy competition.

  • Sportsmanship values like respect and teamwork taught and recognized weekly

  • One day per week – practice is conveniently scheduled prior to the game.

  • All skill levels welcome – No tryouts. No drafts.

  • Everyone plays – every game.

  • No fundraisers.

  • Trained officials at every game.

  • “When in Doubt Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy and education for parents

i9 Sports
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